Energia IL 2021 - Energy Transition from the Land of Innovation, May 25-26, is the first, biggest virtual international conference & exhibition for applied innovation in the Energy industry in Latin America, supporting energy transition & digitalization and promoting renewables' integration combating climate change.

This event is initiated by the Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry to bring together disruptive start-ups, industry leaders, experts, and multinational corporations to collaborate and discuss cutting-edge products and technologies. 
Latin America is a promising destination for energy innovation and technologies with a growing demand for electricity and renewable energy. 

The Israeli energytech ecosystem is growing rapidly to meet the increasing demand from the industry to undergo a transition and digitalization. The Israeli energytech domain includes companies and start-ups in various fields - from generation, renewable energies through optimization, transmission, storage, grid solutions, and cybersecurity.

At this conference, you will meet various disruptive and innovative Israeli technologies, meet solutions to significant challenges that occupy the Latin American energy market, and how these can be integrated together

Technology verticals:

The event will focus on the cutting edge Israeli products and disruptive technologies which are of specific interest for LATAM region and following the global sector’s trends:

  • Technologies for Renewable Energy (e.g. Solar, Thermal, Wind)
  • Energy Storage & Batteries
  • Smart Grid Solutions, Operation of Transmission and Distribution, Grid Monitoring
  • Micro grids & Forecasting
  • Energy Demands Management and Energy Efficiency
  • Off-grid Energy Solutions
  • Digitalized & Data-based Solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • Low-carbon & Climate Resilience Solutions

Who can you expect to meet at the event?  

Any entity that is interested in promoting energy transition and sustainability in their activity and wish to learn. Meet and interact with innovative ready-to-use products technologies

  • Energy Utilities
  • Grid Operation, Transmission and Distribution Companies
  • Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Municipalities
  • EPCs, Installers, Projects Operation, Design and Integration
  • Developers & Owners of Renewable Energy Projects
  • Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers and Distributors
  • ESCO for Industrial & Residential
  • Automotive Industry, Engines & Batteries Manufactures
  • VCs, Investors and Funding Bodies